Hello! I am Elizabeth Anne Lewis, but better known as Libby. Currently, I am attending a small college near Alton Illinois. I grew up in St. Louis Missouri and went to a small school of fewer than 200 students. As a requirement to graduate high school, I had to take a visual are and decided that I didn’t have the skills to do any type of drawing or painting, so I took photography. My photography teacher and I had a similar interest in Ansel Adams. During my second semester of the course, my teacher encouraged me to submit one of my photos to 2015 Emerson Young Artist Showcase. To my surprise, a professional juror picked my photo to win the Richard Silverman Memorial Prize in Photography.

Photography was first introduced to me through my aunt’s love of art. She minored in Art History while in college. She and I would often visit the St. Louis Art Museum (SLAM), and we would observe art by Monet and Picasso along with many other artists. The artist that truly caught my eye was Ansel Adams.

I wish to continue photography throughout my life and this website will just be the place to publish pictures for everyone to see.